This is a video I created for my own freelance business.  Everyone needs a video, right?  Well, that's what I am pitching - adding motion to your corporate ocean.  Life gets mundane from time to time, let me spice it up!  I used Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Max, Soundbooth, V-RAY & Dreamscape. 

This is a video I created for a mass spectrometer startup company.  It explains how the operation and ionization process works using a very simplified and aesthetically pleasing approach to target more than just scientists.  It was crucial to make the models accurate using the actual engineering blueprints.  3D max, Photoshop, After Effects, SolidWorks and Soundbooth.

Another video I created for the mass spectrometer startup co.  The intention of this overview video is to target the younger generation of scientists with something more than the standard humdrum videos typically shown.  The majority of this project was done as motion graphics, with some older clips peppered in.  I also directed the professional voice over to add to the impact and cadence.

I created this for a robotics company.  This video is stritly conceptual, but it's obvious point is to show the efficiency of a delivery robot.  This video targeted both the older and younger audiences. I used 3D Max, After Effects, and a little Photoshop.

Houston Mechatronics approached me with an outstanding concept that could change how deep sea operations functioned today. It was a simple idea with massive potential, so I created a demo video showing how their combination of AUV & ROV would work so it could be easily pitched to investors. Houston Mechatronics raised over 20M from this idea.

This is a video I created for a biotech startup company.  It explains how the unique microgravity environment changes the drug discovery platform.  This was an extensive video project that required storyboards, full design, video culling, editing, original 3D with accurate models & functionality, VFX, sound design & timing.

A quick product overview video for Pollentec explaining their FanBuddy and how it can help both increase your fan's life along with cleaner air being circulated.   I used 3D Max, After Effects, and a little Photoshop.

I created this video for a group of scientists who were pitching thier guidance system to NASA.  This required a very clear and sound understanding of the technology to visually and accurately tell the story of what they do and can offer.  This was done in 3D Max, Photoshop, and some After Effects for VFX. 

We all have a box fan or potable heater, right? Well, we usually consider them disposable and just chunk em, but we can save some money if we get one of Pollentec's CleanHeat Filters. I was asked to concept, script and execute that into a short video explaining and highlighting its features - Enjoy!

I used 3D max, After effects, Photoshop and some SoundBooth.

Product video showcasing ATD's new AR app. 

I used 3D Studio Max for the environment, After Effects for everything else, and a touch of SoundBooth.

I suggested a revised version when the budget was available with a mobile friendly version, GUI and all.   

And here is the revised version!  The client wanted to use a phone with a custom GUI opposed the previous version where it was more focused on the website. Mobile is everything these days and even more so as we move forward, so i happily put this version together for them. Product video showcasing ATD's new AR app in conjunction with Crossville.

This video talks about the perks of using a miniature mass spectrometer for a conference we were attesting.  My team and I scripted, staged and shot this footage inside the lab.  I handled all of the post production: 3D, motion graphics, editing, color correction (which could only do so much), VFX and sound.  It was an early piece and under a very tight deadline, but a lot of fun to work on. 

I was tasked in creating a new marketing overview video for NationWide Scents.  I organized their value proposition, scripted, then edited this video to slam their target audience with a 4 split test video campaign.  It's distribution is purely focused on social media - I used large titles and strong colors to pull in and hold their attention, even in thumbnail view.  

Live action overview video mixed with motion graphics, stock clips, interviews and 3D for Astrogenetix.  Voiceover by Miles O'Brien.

3D medical clip for ZenSleep's anti-snoring device. It's a quick clip to be inserted into longer videos.  This clip shows a cross-section view of how the ZenGuard pulls the tongue forward, unblocking your airway, helping you to stop snoring. Created using 3D Max, Photoshop and After Effects.

Facebook ad for ZenSleep's anti-snoring device. It's a teaser to pull audience attention and guide traffic. I used a collection of stock footage and YouTube clips, along with some motion graphics to make this funny and eye catching teaser vid. I used After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and SoundBooth.

This is one of many unboxing videos I made for The Dashcam Store.

I wrote the scripts and directed the editing/filming/audio. Big thanks to my team for helping me to create a ton of content with very little time and budget!

Ah, this one takes me back - notice the 4:3 aspect ratio! This was my demo as of 2009, which focuses primarily on short 3D animations used for casino games, a few odd freelance jobs showing movie snip-its and a bunch of test projects to learn some new skills with modeling, animation, titles and VFX.  Combination of 3D Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Particle Illusion, Flash, FCP and more that i can't even recall right now.





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I bring two professional decades of content creation experience. Having worked my through progressive stages of the creative development lifecycle; I’ve gleaned master-level proficiency in targeted campaign strategy, leadership, design, motion, creative writing, technological trends & hurdles, architectural interiors & branded trade-show/event presences, along with client & stakeholder relations.


As a natural leader; building, mentoring and evolving a best-in-class creative team is part of my value add. Having charisma, people skills, strong intuition and empathy make me an excellent communicator, with an emphasis on cross-functional teamwork efficiency and client relations. Being extremely efficient, detailed, deadline-driven and having a broad spectrum of skill-sets applied within numerous markets make me a powerful asset.

With over a decade of startup expertise I am more than comfortable wearing numerous hats; in fact, I welcome and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment

My ability to understand and translate complex ideas/briefs into cohesive, targeted, thorough and aesthetically stunning multimedia is how I ensure my team is creating superior branded content. My proficiency with technology and campaign strategy, along with my decades of design experience highlight my ability to think both logically and creatively.

I’m a highly organized, conceptual problem solver with a vast and diverse background, offering me a unique and thorough understanding of the entire production process. To be able to see the larger picture and the smaller is something rare these days as everyone is too compartmentalized. 

Expertise in creative & marketing ideation and execution. To name a few; digital design, branding, animation, architectural interiors, trade-shows, inbound & outbound campaigns, motion graphics, educational content, strategic print and digital ad campaigns, 3D design, video production, videography, editing, photography, creative writing, team & budget management, PR, communications, websites, presentations, marketing collateral, social media presence, UI/UX, analytics, lead generation, PPC, conversion improvement strategies, revenue driving campaigns, cyber-security, critical infrastructure design and implementation, hardware and software troubleshooting, signage, packaging, interior design, booth design, and overall aesthetics.




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